It Wasn't Always Tube Bending


Born in ’64 to a Scottish father and Irish mother and by the end of my teens, my chosen path was set. There was no doubt that I was heading for the dizzy heights of Five Star hotels and Michelin star rated establishments.

Having graduated with an OND in Hotel Management, I was off to the Imperial Hotel, Torquay, which had just won the award for “Best Luxury Hotel” in the UK. I was employed as a trainee Manager but quickly realised my passion was in the restaurant where I concentrated my efforts. After finishing 2nd in The National Gueridon Waiter’s Award, I moved to London and then into Europe.

I worked for two years in a One Michelin Star restaurant in Paris (Restaurant Le Beauvilliers), and having picked up the language, I moved to the Noga Hilton, Geneva and worked for a further two years at Le Cygne restaurant, which was, at the time, the No.1 restaurant in Switzerland, having just been awarded its 2nd Michelin star.

I came back to England and continued a carrier, running a number of restaurants in and around London and a high end outside catering company. After various incarnations, I started doing my own thing, owning a couple of pubs in the South West, before returning to my home town of Cheltenham where I built up a small chain of 5 coffee shops called “Jack in a Box Café.” I opened up a production kitchen, which serviced the shops and ran a high end outside catering business focussing on private dinner parties and weddings.

I sold the business in 2012 and, after serving the likes of Princess Diana and Charles, The Chirac family, Paul Daniels, Grace Jones, Tina Turner, and many others, I decided to look for something new!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of oily tube!!

I fell on this new career as, my, now current boss, was looking for a person who had a track record of building teams. I had learned about attention to detail, team building and, most importantly how, valuing a customer, is key to retaining your existing client base and helping to build a reputation that brings new people to your door.

I’ve been at TBF for just over a year and work with a myriad of talented personalities whose skills and knowledge make TBF what it is today. The team have successfully carved out a reputation as being the “go to” tube manipulation firm in the West Midlands and our success is growing. We leave, no stone unturned as we drill down into trying to interpret the customer's needs and we deliver quality, every day, for our customers. I love the buzz that this gives and although the product may not be as sexy as food, it’s relationship building that drives a business and I’m truly excited to help shape this clear ethos here.

Angus Bruce - Managing Director Tube Bend Form