Family Man to Sales Man All in a Day's Work


The morning race to the bathroom is a regular occurrence in the Thompson household. Alarm set for 06:45 am, roll out of bed and GO GO GO! The race against my beloved wife is on. Working as a unit our family life is constantly ticking over without any issues. The lunches are ready, breakfast is served and we are finally out of the doors.

Arriving at work between 08:00 and 08:30 am, the first and most important task of the day is making the team a coffee for when they arrive. The standard days at TBF International for me consists of quoting for new and existing customers and gathering costs for material and subcontractors if TBF International cannot produce elements in-house. Dealing with over 400 enquiries a month, days at TBF International are never boring, I am constantly on the go, and always get enthralled with excitement when a novel tube manipulation job comes to the surface.

As much as the stress of work hits me (like it does all), the team I work with and the job I do makes the morning rush worthwhile. Always remembering the customer is at the heart of everything I do, I try my best to ‘bend’ over backwards for any requirements they may have.

Being a salesman has not always been my line of work. Pursuing my childhood dream of working within the automotive industry, for 24 years, I worked fixing accident damaged vehicles. With aspirations to move from the shop floor to management, and seen as too much of an asset to lose from the shop floor, my time in the automotive repair industry was over and I fell into the life of a salesman.

The team at TBF International took me under their wings, taught me and moulded me to be the technical salesman I am today. I have met some fantastic people, dealt with some unique enquiries, and seen many orders from prototype to final production. I’ve worked with chair frames and street furniture to motor vehicle parts and virtual reality platforms. TBF International produce a diverse range of products, meaning I never have a day the same.

My life doesn’t just consist of work, in my spare time I enjoy relaxing at home with the family or taking my little boy to football training. Playing for the Sedgley White Lions under 10’s, sometimes football training is more stressful than my job at TBF International! Trying my best to keep him on course and listening, fixing him up if a bad tackle is landed and enjoying the roller-coaster of emotions that football offers, this quality time that we get to spend together is something that I personally think is priceless!